Vela G

Vela G is Calyx Containers’ Resident Artist. Originally from Humboldt County, Vela G has brought California heady glass culture to the Northeast. Vela G’s expertise in lampworking, his network of acclaimed artists, and his passion for photography shaped the Art of Glass vision. As an artist and a friend of Calyx, Vela G has inspired our team to delve into the world of heady glass as an extension of our obsession with glass' role in the cannabis community.


Mike Shelbo is a renowned lampworker and glassblower based in Vista, California. For Shelbo, glass is a medium for personal fulfillment and artistic expression. Featured in Netflix® ‘Blown Away’, Mike Shelbo’s trademark goblin sculptures are an iconic lampworking style, a portrayal of his self-expression. Shelbo’s personal standards of quality and detail convey his 23-year journey in glass art, and inspire his ethos of authenticity in the digital world.

Liz Wright

Liz Wright grew up in Virginia Beach, her roots being a source of inspiration for her glass art. Knowing she wanted to pursue glass as a career, Liz eventually found her way to Influence Studio to work alongside other renown artists. Liz is a powerhouse, bringing a unique and beautiful art aesthetic to the lampworking scene.

Marble Slinger

Marble Slinger has stoked the flames of activism in the underground, invisible-subculture glass community since his pipemaking days circa 1997. As Director and Producer of ‘Degenerate Art’, a 2012 documentary that chronicles the devastating impact of Operation Pipe Dreams investigations on the pipemaking community, Slinger is a source of truth for functional and heady glass history. Based in Philly, Pennsylvania, a vibrant, cultural hub for cannabis glassblowers and pipe makers, Slinger is known for his pop culture-inspired art and his Assault Girl merch line.

Justin Carter

Justin Carter began lamp working in 2009, specializing in mesmerizing fume scratch techniques to create his signature psychedelic dichroic patterns and adorned opals. This iconic style can be seen in his geometric marbles, caps, pendants, sculptures, recyclers, and more. Justin is currently based in Richmond, Virginia and collaborates with other notable glass artists and fellow cannabis lovers. Justin’s passion for weed, the culture, and the community is incorporated into his artistic style and evident in his creative endeavors.

Kravin Glass

Kravin Glass has been melting glass for over 20 years in Colorado, and is mostly self taught. Kravin is always evolving as an artist, pushing the limits of creativity by constantly experimenting with form and functionality.

Zack Graphic

Graphic Zack has a great passion for the functional glass art industry. With a background in graphic design and site building since 1998, Graphic Zack and his brother Kravin are co-founders of, an online heady glass shop.


Jmass started with glass in 2001 and has spent his career working with and learning from some of the best artists in the industry. Spores and Sherlock pipes are some of his staples as an artist. Jmass loves to push himself outside of his comfort zone, and collaborate with the homies!


KidGlass is a talented lamp working artist that creates glass pieces as a form of self expression, but also as a protest statement. As part of the symbiotic relationship between cannabis and lamp working, these pieces take a stance against cannabis stigmatization and criminalization.


Yunk Glass' style has evolved over the years, but his current artistic trademarks are his clear-carve pendants, and sandblasted and oiled designs that give off a matte appearance. Yunk's current style is predominantly seen in his study of body language and anomalous poses that manifests in his pieces.


Karma Glass is a borosilicate artist, whose artistic signature is easily identifiable through his iconic rainbows, which reflects his passion for visionary and psychedelic art and the ability to manipulate the glass medium to convey what’s in his mind’s eye.


Wooking is a glass artist drawn towards making concept art around psychedelic experiences he’s had. Wooking's body of work revolves around custom milli pulls, so every set is an original.

Hardwood Katana

Hardwood Katana is a heady tool maker that makes custom hash katanas by hand. These katanas are made of stainless steel, titanium, and titanium damascus and feature a variety of psychedelic designs and colors.

Soft Serve

Soft Serve is a glass artist that specializes in working with soft glass in addition to borosilicate. Part of the industry for 23 years, Soft Serve’s work is identifiable through his clean designs that echo Scandinavian and Venetian-Murano style glass patterns.

Ethan Windy

Ethan Windy’s unique style is a culmination of his experience in various art forms, from painting to soft glass, to finally working with borosilicate to create functional glass. His work brings together techniques in composition, coordination, color play, and balance factored into the glass. Ethan Windy’s original characters represent social misfits, and his sculpted 90’s icons are reimagined in his grim, but playful style.

Ryan Jenkins

Ryan Jenkins has been working glass since 1999. His style is distinct through his use of vibrant color play contrasted with darker hues, such as his notable black and white trippy designs that echo 70’s grunge themes. This technique evokes an intergalactic, out of this worldly impression, especially combined with his unique geometric assembly and creative combination of various shapes and flows.


Hicdogg began flameworking in 1997 at 16 years old and is currently known for his reimagined dragon and bull skulls. Hicdogg’s journey in glass started in his dad’s garage, working off of the book, Glassblowing by Homer L. Hoyt. He eventually honed in on his skills of sculpting figurines and pipes. Pieces that broke turned into new works of art, reflecting the trials and tribulations of perfecting a craft. With a career of 24 years in glass, Hicdogg is an inspirational member of the heady glass industry, showcasing work that continues to awe and impress collectors, enthusiasts, fans, and competitions.

Windstar Glass

Windstar Glass is known for her stained glass technique art that originated with her love for molten aura colors. Surface work stringer tech is one of her favorite techniques, as it is not very common, and produces work that is signature to her. Windstar started working on the torch in 2014 at her family’s headshop, where she was able to hone in on her craft and bring something new to the scene.