Vela x Wooking Collab

Vela G , Wooking , Hardwood Katana

This enigmatic Vela G and Wooking collab set includes a matching carb cap and octopus pendant. Also featured in this set is a matching Hardwood Katana dabber and 10mm nail by Highly Educated. Nestled inside the Calyx Containers concentrate container is a set of black iridescent terp pearls for the complete dabbing experience! We're also including and a custom-cut Pelican™ case to protect these works of art.


  • Custom borosilicate milli pull technique by Wooking
  • Wooking used a dark color palette with hints of light and color
  • Silver reduction on the surface, with the top layer is cut or carved away, revealing the colors underneath
  • Vela assembled the entire piece and put a signature turbo perk fixed in the tube for the best hit posible
  • Battuto process that creates cuts and facets on the milli sections
  • Base color changes color depending on what light it's in: Green under LED light, Purple under CFL light and Blue under daylight

If you look closely at the piece you realize the entire thing has cuts and facets on the milli sections. The Battuto process means that each cut was done by hand on an engraving wheel. The process starts with a diamond engraving wheel where an initial cut starts, and then a series of finer wheels polishing each cut one at a time until the piece is ready to fire polish. The entire process from start to finish takes about a week of solid work from both glass artists.

Inspiration / Artist's Statement

"This piece is Artifact #1. We wanted to make a piece that felt like it could have been dug up on an archeological dig. It’s timeless and has clean simple lines in addition to having a complicated carving process, giving the impression that it is from another time period. Not many artists have the tools or the skill set to make a piece like this and we’re honored to have it available in the Art of Glass, Glass Gallery."

Vela G

Vela G is Calyx Containers’ Resident Artist. Originally from Humboldt County, Vela G has brought California heady glass culture to the Northeast. Vela G’s expertise in lampworking, his network of acclaimed artists, and his passion for photography shaped the Art of Glass vision. As an artist and a friend of Calyx, Vela G has inspired our team to delve into the world of heady glass as an extension of our obsession with glass' role in the cannabis community.


Wooking is a glass artist drawn towards making concept art around psychedelic experiences he’s had. Wooking's body of work revolves around custom milli pulls, so every set is an original.

Hardwood Katana

Hardwood Katana is a heady tool maker that makes custom hash katanas by hand. These katanas are made of stainless steel, titanium, and titanium damascus and feature a variety of psychedelic designs and colors.


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