A celebration of heady glass culture

Art of Glass celebrates heady glass artistry as a key component of cannabis history and consumption culture. From Operation Pipe Dreams to present-day search and seizure, paraphernalia has been denied its recognition as true cultural artifacts of cannabis. We are collaborating with artists to shed light on the nuances of working with this medium and how it has shaped the industry.

With Art of Glass, Calyx Containers hopes to illustrate the importance of quality glass in the consumption experience while also raising funds for non-profit organizations that support communities impacted by judicial cannabis inequities.

The Art of Glass Series

Ep 01:

The Collab ft. Vela G + Mike Shelbo

Meet Calyx’s Resident Artist, Vela G at his studio. Vela has brought California heady glass culture to the Northeast. Also featuring Mike Shelbo from Vista, California, one of the biggest names in the glass community, and among cannabis enthusiasts. As seen on Netflix® ‘Blown Away’, Shelbo exhibits his unique lampworking style inspired by his love for sculpture as a method of self-expression.


Featured Artists

Art of Glass is excited to feature unique glass artists that have made their mark on the heady glass and cannabis space. Exploring these artists in their natural element showcases how glass is more than just a conduit for consumption. It is a true embodiment of who they are and an important factor within the cannabis experience.

Shop Glass

Soon you’ll be able to shop the Art of Glass Gallery and explore artisanal glass pieces from renown names in the heady glass industry. Proceeds from the Gallery sales will be donated to nonprofits whose efforts support cannabis equity and reform. Sign up for our newsletter to hear about our first drop!

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