Kravin x Graphic Zack Collab: All Seeing Eye

Kravin Glass , Graphic Zack , Hardwood Katana

This intricate "All Seeing Eye" pyramid rig collab from Kravin Glass and Graphic Zack is one-of-a-kind! Included in this stunning collab set is a custom faceted tube attachment for a hookah-style experience, and a triangular dichro pyramid mouthpiece ornament. Also included is a matching eye pendant.

To create a traditional dabbing experience, this set features a Whitney Harmon carb cap, a 10mm nail, a psychedelic style Hardwood Katana dabber, a Calyx Containers concentrate container, and a custom-cut Pelican™ case to protect these works of art.


This is the first rig Kravin and Graphic Zack made featuring coldworked faceted dichromatic pieces.

  • Features a 10mm female joint and 3 hole diffused percolator.
  • Two eyes made with 5 layers of dichro and opal with 48 facets each.
  • Around the eyes feature three faceted triangle dichropals.
  • Two dichropals with the KravinGlass and Zack Graphic logos sandblasted.
  • Mouthpiece passes through the middle of the framework and duals as a 10mm female joint that holds a decorative triangular dichro pyramid.

This is the first rig Kravin and Graphic Zack made featuring coldworked faceted dichromatic pieces. This gallery set includes a sleeved, hookah style attachment with a clear mouthpiece. Kravin did all of the flame working on this piece. This was the first time the duo had incorporated a flat borosilicate plate which was used to mount the coldworked dichro pieces.

Inspiration / Artist's Statement

"Kravin and Graphic Zack wanted to make a piece that would function as a platform to feature their coldworked pieces. The sides of the triangular pyramid are at a great angle to show the pieces off when viewing it from just about anywhere. This piece shows complex functionality, but an artistic statement about perspective."

Kravin Glass

Kravin Glass has been melting glass for over 20 years in Colorado, and is mostly self taught. Kravin is always evolving as an artist, pushing the limits of creativity by constantly experimenting with form and functionality.

Graphic Zack

Graphic Zack has a great passion for the functional glass art industry. With a background in graphic design and site building since 1998, Graphic Zack and his brother Kravin are co-founders of, an online heady glass shop.

Hardwood Katana

Hardwood Katana is a heady tool maker that makes custom hash katanas by hand. These katanas are made of stainless steel, titanium, and titanium damascus and feature a variety of psychedelic designs and colors.


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