Shelbo Goblin Piece


We can't get enough of Mike Shelbo's iconic goblin pieces. This custom set includes the featured opal goblin head pendant, a custom chain, a sticker pack of your favorite Calyx featured artists, and a custom-cut Pelican™ case to protect this work of art. Stickers include the limited-edition Art of Glass sticker.


  • Goblin color: Hot Glue
  • Technique: Hot sculpting with Shelbo's personal tool, a scalpel from his grandfather

Inspiration / Artist's Statement

"My biggest inspiration in art is the fantasy world I knew as a child, where goblins and faeries dwell. Where all the imaginations of artists of all mediums ran wild, and built the creatures and places I grew up loving."


Mike Shelbo is a renowned lampworker and glassblower based in Vista, California. For Shelbo, glass is a medium for personal fulfillment and artistic expression. Featured in Netflix® ‘Blown Away’, Mike Shelbo’s trademark goblin sculptures are an iconic lampworking style, a portrayal of his self-expression. Shelbo’s personal standards of quality and detail convey his 23-year journey in glass art, and inspire his ethos of authenticity in the digital world.


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