Soft Serve

Soft Serve , Hardwood Katana

This Soft Serve original rig, includes a matching cup with the same aesthetic and color palette. Also included in this sweet set is a matching Hardwood Katana dabber, carb cap, pendant, and terp pearls. Each set features a Calyx concentrate container to match.

Materials & Technique:

Soft glass requires techniques that differ from working borosilicate glass. Soft glass, for example, stays hot for minutes while boro stays hot for just a few seconds. Working with boro, an artist is usually stationary while manipulating glass behind the torch whereas with soft glass, an artist may need one to two other artists to assist in moving the piece in and out of the furnace. While a different quality of glass, soft glass is another medium of art with its own merits and rewards.

Inspiration / Artist's Statement

"I actually had constructed parts of this rig and cup before picking it back up and deciding to complete it for Glass Vegas. This piece is something different, but cool. One of the things I focused on was keeping it as symmetrical as possible, and making use out of this cool color palette."

Soft Serve

Soft Serve is a glass artist that specializes in working with soft glass in addition to borosilicate. Part of the industry for 23 years, Soft Serve’s work is identifiable through his clean designs that echo Scandinavian and Venetian-Murano style glass patterns.

Hardwood Katana

Hardwood Katana is a heady tool maker that makes custom hash katanas by hand. These katanas are made of stainless steel, titanium, and titanium damascus and feature a variety of psychedelic designs and colors.


Shelbo Goblin Piece

Artist: Shelbo
Price: $1,650.00

Liz Wright: Tangle Tube

Artist: Liz Wright
Price: $3,850.00

Kravin x Graphic Zack Collab: All Seeing Eye

Artists: Kravin Glass, Graphic Zack, Hardwood Katana
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Jmass x KidGlass Collab: Spore

Artists: Jmass, KidGlass, Hardwood Katana
Price: $2,000.00