Ethan Windy: Blood Bath & Beyond

Ethan Windy , Hardwood Katana

This Ethan Windy skeletal zombie themed set features a piece from the 3-part series called "Blood Bath & Beyond". This set also features a bitten cookie carb cap, a matching brain pendant, and a Hardwood Katana dabber. To complete this dab experience, this set also features a nail, terp pearls, and a 7mL Opal Calyx Container to match.

Materials &  Technique:

This piece was created in the soft glass style, despite being made out of boro. It features “Silver Strike’ flesh tones and the color, “Star White” for the contrast of the figure’s bootleg tour shirt. This piece was sculpted and sandblasted to bring the shadows back into play, as well as to create a finished look to the piece.

Inspiration / Artist's Statement

"This Ethan Windy piece was made in 2017 in a collaboration with an old shopmate of his. This piece is part of a 3-part series called "Blood Bath & Beyond". The bright red blood drips and the skeletal face were inspired by the punk rock skater genre. The “Windy style” definitely is a stand alone genre within the heady glass art community. His original characters have their own backstory that inspired their design and composition. In his recent works, he has played off existing characters from 90’s pop culture, but even those reimaginations have their own Ethan Windy spin to them."

Ethan Windy

Ethan Windy’s unique style is a culmination of his experience in various art forms, from painting to soft glass, to finally working with borosilicate to create functional glass. His work brings together techniques in composition, coordination, color play, and balance factored into the glass. Ethan Windy’s original characters represent social misfits, and his sculpted 90’s icons are reimagined in his grim, but playful style.

Hardwood Katana

Hardwood Katana is a heady tool maker that makes custom hash katanas by hand. These katanas are made of stainless steel, titanium, and titanium damascus and feature a variety of psychedelic designs and colors.


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