Liz Wright: Tangle Tube

Liz Wright

This Liz Wright original tangle tube features her signature octopus sculptures that live inside the piece. Hitting this bubbler brings this mini ecosystem to life, adding a new level to the experience. This set includes an aquatic themed carb cap, and dab tool. To complete this experience, this set also features a Liz Wright sculpted miniature octopus inside a 7mL Opal Calyx Container.


  • Nemo and amber purple from Northstar Glass
  • Lotus white and telemagenta from Molten Aura


  • Blown glass
  • Solid sculpting

Inspiration / Artist's Statement

"Ocean life is so interesting and dynamic and I really like to translate that into my art and into my functional glass. I'm really inspired by the colors and shapes of ocean life like coral reefs and octopuses."

Liz Wright

Liz Wright grew up in Virginia Beach, her roots being a source of inspiration for her glass art. Knowing she wanted to pursue glass as a career, Liz eventually found her way to Influence Studio to work alongside other renown artists. Liz is a powerhouse, bringing a unique and beautiful art aesthetic to the lampworking scene.


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